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Welcome to Kora,  a creative entertainment and educational company which has had great success in delighting  both children and adults of all ages with innovative and engaging storytelling, performances and workshops. 

Kora has had extensive experience working with a number of schools, libraries, museums, NHS and community organisations locally and nationally.

About Me

KORA's founder, Anika Wilson, has been inspiring, entertaining and educating children, young people and adults of all ages for over a decade. Through her storytelling performances, the listener discovers the richness of their imagination. 


Kora Ltd was formed in 2006 and fulfilled Anika's lifelong ambition of sharing stories from her ancestral history with a new generation who know nothing of their cultural background but more importantly to increase awareness that collectively our stories are not that dissimilar. 


Born in London, England to Jamaican parents who came from a long line of Griots, storytelling came naturally for Anika.  As a child she remembers listening to her parents, uncles and aunts sharing stories from back home. Anika is part of a large family and her house was always filled with singing, music, dancing and of course stories! Growing up Anika would spend countless hours listening to her father tell stories from back home. He would get up and act out scenes and imitate family members and ‘duppies’ who somehow always appeared in his stories!  


On many occasion he would be joined by her Mother and her Uncles who would correct his stories by saying "No man, it no go so" and go on to tell their version of events. It was here that her love for story telling began. 


Anika has a passion for African, Caribbean folktales, folksongs, poetry and history. Her experiences as an Actor in comedy and theatre, Writer and her commitment to keeping her roots alive and celebrating her culture enables her to create stories that captivates and engages audiences of all ages.



At KORA we pride ourself on our reliable service ensuring peace of mind. We offer flexible bookings and prior consultations with teachers if required including 

  • Theatre-in-education

  • Storytelling reminiscence performances/workshops

  • Mobile museum

  • Intergenerational programmes

  • Bespoke services

  • Script writing

  • Event support

  • Social events for Elders

  • Day trips for Elders

  • Monologue performances:

  • Windrush Experience 'Saleah's Journey'

  • Reminiscence Back Down Memory lane with Saleah 

  • Hubert Has Prostate cancer - Saleah's Journey

































Upcoming Events:

London Children's Ballet: Anna of Green Gables

June 2020

Past Events:

Valentines Fish Chip & Reminisce 

February 2020

Christmas memories @ Westow House

December 2019

D & T @ The Breakfast Club (Dominoes & Tea)

November 2019

Storytelling - Memory Table workshop

November 2019 

Ms Lou Remembered 

October 2019

Musical Memories and Movement 

October 2019

Windrush Silent Heroes Fundraising Black Tie event Park Plaza Hotel

October 2019

Saleah's Journey performance

October 2019

Windrush Exhibition Museum of Croydon

June 2019 - October 2019

Carnival Time - Reminisce afternoon

August 2019

London Children's Ballet: Ballet Shoes

July 2019

Everyday is Mother's Day

20th March 2019

Fish and Chips and Reminisce: Intergenerational Valentines Special

I Love Me

February 2019


Christmas Memories at Westow's

December 2018


Windrush 70th: Celebrating Our Elders

Black History Celebration

October 2018



Services and Events

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